Biasing Cattle Gender Ratios for Dairy Farmers Globally

Biassex technology gives you the ability to bias your calves to be female. In modern dairies, optimum efficiency comes from producing the maximum litres of milk from a minimum of cows. The ability to reliably bias the gender of calves towards females is a key business imperative.

Why More Female Calves?

Since cows only produce one calf per year, having mostly female calves from the top end of the herd will enhance the herd’s genetics.

Since an average 25% of cows leave dairy herds each year, they can be replaced with high-performance heifers from the top of the pack.

Improving the herd’s gene pool comes from voluntarily removing cows with poor milk production or reproductive issues from the herd, and replacing them with heifers from the top one-third or higher of the herd.

Biassex for Cattle Gender Biasing

A genetics graphic.

Targeted Biotechnology

Biassex technology uses antibodies to specifically target cattle sperm with male genes.

A cow graphic.

Female Cattle Gender Biasing

Bias your cattle gender ratios for efficient, automated, modern dairies that maximise milk output.

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Improve Your Herd’s Gene Pool

Replace poor-performing cows with calves from the top one-third of the herd.

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Pregnancy-Tested In-Calf Heifers

Sell PTIC heifers with female calves to a market eager for cattle gender biasing.

A heat graphic.

Avoid Inefficient Heat Detection

Rapidly build up beef herds without the need for labour-intensive heat detection.

More And Better Milk

With Biassex, you can have a smaller number of top-quality cows that only bear female calves, to optimise your dairy’s production of more and better milk.

Speed up beef herds without the need for labour costly heat detection, and improve your bottom line by selling off excess PTIC (pregnancy tested in calf heifers in an eager market.

Choose Biassex for targeted biotechnology to maximise your milk output.
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