Cattle Gender Biasing For Dairy Farms Worldwide

Biassex offers an innovative new biotechnology product, patented in Australia and New Zealand.

Our  S(ex)-B(iasing) STRAWs give you the ability to bias your calves to be heifers, leading to over 85% of calves being female.

A cow graphic.
A white cow graphic.

Biasing Cattle Gender Ratios

Biassex uses bispecific monoclonal anti-male sperm antibodies (bsmAbs) to target sperm with male genes.

An insemination graphic.
A white insemination graphic.

Conjugation Constructs

The bsmAbs antibodies are delivered as conjugation constructs. Each conjugation construct is the size of a sperm head and carries at least 10,000 bsmAbs.

A reproductive system graphic.
A reproductive system graphic.

Glycocalyx Coats

Like the sperm, the conjugation constructs need a glycocalyx coat to be able to survive in the uterus and be transported to the oviduct.

A prevent fertilisation graphic.
A prevent fertilisation graphic.

Prevent Fertilisation

Once in the oviduct, the bsmAbs antibodies bind to male-specific antigens on the surface of sperm, preventing them from fertilising the egg.

The Modern, Efficient Dairy

The pre-mating S-B STRAW can be used in natural matings or artificial insemination, whether DIY by farmers or by artificial insemination technicians.

With Biassex, you can achieve the optimal efficiency of producing the maximum litres of milk from a minimum of cows. The ability to reliably bias the gender of calves towards females is a key business imperative for the modern dairy farmer.

Biassex for Cattle Gender Biasing

A genetics graphic.

Targeted Biotechnology

Biassex technology uses antibodies to specifically target cattle sperm with male genes.

A cow graphic.

Female Cattle Gender Biasing

Bias your cattle gender ratios for efficient, automated, modern dairies that maximise milk output.

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Improve Your Herd’s Gene Pool

Replace poor-performing cows with calves from the top one-third of the herd.

A chemical graphic.

Pregnancy-Tested In-Calf Heifers

Sell PTIC heifers with female calves to a market eager for cattle gender biasing.

A heat graphic.

Avoid Inefficient Heat Detection

Rapidly build up beef herds without the need for labour-intensive heat detection.

Worldwide Deliveries

Since our establishment in 2009, we have grown to service Western Australia, the Eastern states of Australia, New Zealand and more.

We also offer worldwide shipping for our customers around the globe.

Choose Biassex for patented biotechnology to maximise your milk output.
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