Cattle Gender Biasing with Biotechnology Worldwide

Biassex gives you the ability to bias your calves to only be female through dairy cow insemination. This biotechnology innovation uses bispecific monoclonal anti-male sperm antibodies (bsmAbs) to target sperm with male genes in the pre-mating S(ex)-B(iasing) STRAW.

The Biassex conjugation constructs, the conjugation of bsmAbs antibodies and a glycocalyx coat, have been patented in Australia and New Zealand and can be used Globally.

How BsmAbs Antibodies Work

Within each pre-mating S-B STRAW is at least one bsmAbs conjugation construct per sperm. Each conjugation construct is the size of a sperm head and carries at least 10,000 bsmAbs.

The bsmAbs need to be conjugated for peristaltic transportation up into the oviduct. Like the sperm, the conjugation constructs are protected by a glycocalyx (lipoprotein and glycan) coat, to survive in the uterus for up to 14 days.

Once in the oviduct, the bsmAbs target sperm with male genes, binding the male-specific antigens exposed on their surface. Biassex technology uniquely delivers the anti-male antibodies into the ampulla of the oviduct, where the oophorus is waiting, to prevent fertilisation from sperm with the unwanted Y chromosome.

The glycocalyx coat has multiple roles for conjugation constructs, as it does for sperm.

  • It shields bsmAbs from omnipresent uterine phagocytes.
  • It protects bsmAbs from uterine anti-sperm antibodies (ASAs), which would cause premature agglutination.
  • It facilitates passage through the hyper-vigilant uterotubal junction (UTJ), which rejects abnormalities and agglutinated sperm clusters.
  • It assists in the peristaltic transport of sperm and conjugation constructs from the uterus into the oviduct.

The UTJ of the reproductive tract is the connection between the endometrial cavity of the uterus and the proximal tubal opening of the oviduct (uterine or fallopian tube).

It serves as a sophisticated vetting gate. It only allows for anatomically normal sperm (e.g. intact glycocalyx coat) to pass through to the oviduct.

It prevents the passage of prematurely agglutinated sperm, caused by the action of uterine anti-sperm antibodies.

Choose Biassex for innovative biotechnology for female biasing of cattle gender ratios.
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